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We have furniture….

I arrived back in Samui last night where even queueing at immigration is a relaxing pastime.  The airport has no walls, just vertical posts and thatched roofs so you immediately feel a sense of tranquility.  The queue isn’t speedy but there’s no jostling or frustration … just a sense that you’ll get to the desk in the end and that your holiday has already started.

Arriving at the house in the dark, I was greeted by Michael’s interior design wizardry.  He completely understood that we wanted natural materials, soothing colors and a feeling of comfort and space.  I am working on a website, soon to be revealed, with photos of the house, but here’s a sneak preview of the twin bedroom…..

It’s hot hot hot here in Samui with bright blue skies and our terraces are proving to be real sun traps.  Off to check out that pool…



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Baan Pimalai is going green

Baan Pimalai is adding some color to her pristine white walls with an injection of leafy green.  Between the jungle-covered hills and the coconut palm fringed shores, Koh Samui is an island rich in plants, trees and flowers so it was only right that Baan Pimalai have some of her own.  We have grassed the garden so whether you want to kick a ball about with the kids or plant your sun lounger there for some bronzing, this could be the ideal spot.  We’ve also added some plants to the Balinese shower.  This downstairs bathroom has the best of an outside rain shower and being sheltered enough to use whatever the weather.  The huge shower head  is attached to the ceiling, but the wide gap between the wall and the ceiling will make you feel as if you are showering outside in the rain.  We will be adding more plants and flowers to the garden and terraces over the next weeks to keep up the tropical feel of Baan Pimalai.

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Scaffolding off … it looks like a house!!!!

The scaffolding has finally come down and Baan Pimalai looks like the white, airy, contemporary villa she was always intended to be.  There is a week or so of work to be done (pool to be tiled, kitchen installed etc) as well as lots of finishing, cleaning and tidying.  After that, we can hang the lovely curtains we have chosen and ask our interior designer to install furniture, furnishings and artwork.


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24th July House Status

You visit, things go slowly, you leave, things seem to go quickly. I’m sure there is a lesson to be learned.

Below are the pictures of the house on Sunday July 24th taken by a neighbour. It looks like Hans’ team are progressing nicely with the tiling and some of the windows appear to be in.

Looking at the pictures, the house should be pretty bright and sunny, which was the aim. With white window frames and clear glass it should be nice.

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Making some progress

So its now the middle of July  and the house is definitely progressing..  Myself and Walter (co-owner) decided that before everyone heads off on holiday for the summer that it was best to have a look and see where we stand.

There was the odd hint that really this was an excuse for a boys weekend away in Koh Samui.  However what people failed to take into account was the fact that  two important Buddhist holidays occurred over the weekend-  Asarnha Bucha Day and Buddhist Lent Day. These are among the biggest Buddhist holidays in Thailand as as such all the bars and a good many of the restaurants were closed.

As such plenty of time was instead spent with the builders.  Since we were last there they have

finished panneling in the ceiling, started laying tiles, finished the pool tanks, and started to tile  the bathrooms (of course with the wrong tiles).

Below are some photos of the house as of the 19th July.

PS.  For those of you who may be interested, the dogs are fine.

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