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The Golden Buddha

It would be wrong to visit any part of Thailand without visiting a temple or “Wat” and Koh Samui has an impressive one for you.  The Wat Phra Yai temple on the north east corner of the island is home to the Golden Buddha.  This 12 metre high golden statue was built in 1972 and is visible from the air as you approach or leave Samui by plane.  As you arrive at the site, you will notice lots of stalls and shops trying to tempt tourists with souvenirs, food and drinks.  Climb the staircase up to the temple, note the Nagas (a type of Buddhist mythological serpent) on the handrails and make sure you look at the view from the top.  The monks are raising money for a new shrine hall and to re-paint the Buddha so you can buy a roof tile or one of many religious artifacts.  It’s a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, take your time and try to appreciate the calm.  Please remember that this is an important Buddhist temple and you should respect it, dress modestly.


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Baan Pimalai gets her name

Today a Thai friend of ours met with me to pass on her ideas about our villa’s name.  Although L-08 had served her well up to now, we wanted something a bit more meaningful.  Normally Buddhists call on monks to name children, houses, towns etc in order to bring good fortune.  Not having access to a Thai speaking Buddhist monk in Singapore, we asked our friend to come up with something beautiful, tranquil and easy for non-Thai speakers to pronounce … and so Baan Pimalai was christened!

Baan comes from the Thai word meaning Villa

Pima comes from the Thai word meaning Castle in the sky or Heaven

Lai come from the Thai word meaning Beautiful

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