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Samui Aquarium

We went to Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo this afternoon.  Although it’s at the opposite end of the island to Baan Pimalai, near Ban Harn, it’s a great drive and a nice way to see the island.  To be honest, it’s an expensive visit at ThB 750 per adult (we seemed to benefit from some sort of family deal) and we missed the 1.30pm tiger show but the kids enjoyed it and there are some big sharks, turtles and wrasses there, which I suspect would have been released into the wild in other aquariums.  After the aquarium, you get to see tigers in their compound (although the wire mesh separating us from so much orange tiger flesh didn’t fill me with confidence and knowing how much daughter 2 can annoy the cat at 20 paces, we moved on fairly quickly).  You can have your picture taken with a fairly sleepy (tranquilized no doubt) full size tiger – again we prefer our tigers further away.  You can walk through a garden with cages of parrots, otters, monkeys and various squirrel-type animals to the beach.  There is a little cafe with a great sea breeze and we even saw someone taking their buffalo on a walk along the shore.  After a brief activity of shell-collecting, it was time to head back … along the other half of the ring road.


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