We have furniture….

I arrived back in Samui last night where even queueing at immigration is a relaxing pastime.  The airport has no walls, just vertical posts and thatched roofs so you immediately feel a sense of tranquility.  The queue isn’t speedy but there’s no jostling or frustration … just a sense that you’ll get to the desk in the end and that your holiday has already started.

Arriving at the house in the dark, I was greeted by Michael’s interior design wizardry.  He completely understood that we wanted natural materials, soothing colors and a feeling of comfort and space.  I am working on a website, soon to be revealed, with photos of the house, but here’s a sneak preview of the twin bedroom…..

It’s hot hot hot here in Samui with bright blue skies and our terraces are proving to be real sun traps.  Off to check out that pool…



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2 responses to “We have furniture….

  1. MUM

    It looks beautiful .I am so jealous. Enjoy

  2. Ingrid

    In 5 1/2 month this will be our bedroom for 1 month, it looks so beautiful!

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