Baan Pimalai is going green

Baan Pimalai is adding some color to her pristine white walls with an injection of leafy green.  Between the jungle-covered hills and the coconut palm fringed shores, Koh Samui is an island rich in plants, trees and flowers so it was only right that Baan Pimalai have some of her own.  We have grassed the garden so whether you want to kick a ball about with the kids or plant your sun lounger there for some bronzing, this could be the ideal spot.  We’ve also added some plants to the Balinese shower.  This downstairs bathroom has the best of an outside rain shower and being sheltered enough to use whatever the weather.  The huge shower head  is attached to the ceiling, but the wide gap between the wall and the ceiling will make you feel as if you are showering outside in the rain.  We will be adding more plants and flowers to the garden and terraces over the next weeks to keep up the tropical feel of Baan Pimalai.


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  1. Jessica Jenschke

    Looking good!

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